German Linder SS35 dagger included Metal sheath
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German Linder SS35 dagger included Metal sheath

Manufacturer: Linder Germany

Order number: 210315


Handling Time: 3 - 5 Business Days

$59.00 *

Product information "German Linder SS35 dagger included Metal sheath"

Original German Linder SS 35 dagger made by "Carl Linder" / Germany / Solingen !
The world famous knife manufacture Linder reproduced this world famous dagger from the WW II era
in highest quality with 440 A stainless steel !
This new version SS 35 dagger is a little bit smaller and much easier to carry !
Also the steel quality is much better like from the original German WW II dagger !
Blade length 5.906 inch
Handle length 4.921 inch.
This awesome dagger comes with a double edged blade and with a leather metal belt sheath !
Steel quality: 440 A stainless steel.

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Supplier description "Linder Germany"

Linder is a German knife manufacturer located in Germany / Solingen. This manufacturer has a very long knife tradition and is one of the most popular German knife manufacturer. Linder knives stands for high quality knives for acceptable prices. Here you will get a lot of knife for low budget.


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