Carl Zeiss DF 7×40 Military Binoculars


Carl Zeiss Binoculars

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Carl Zeiss DF 7×40 Military Binoculars

We offer an original East German NVA Carl Zeiss B 7×40 military binoculars in super rare black tactical version (mint condition).
The collimation works perfect and the lenses hasn’t any scratches. Inside you won’t find any dust inclusions.
This is one of the last manufactured East German 7×40 military binocular

Two sunblocker lenses / filters are protect inside of the X-Objective covers. Also both ocular eye rings are very special and original. The right side of the lenses has a reticle.
Multi coated lenses.
Single ocular focusing.
+3 to -3 diopter
Date of manufacture: approx .1987

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