Eickhorn GBK German Bowie Knife


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Eickhorn GBK German Bowie Knife

Bowie knives have fascinated people for generations. Due to its long ricasso, its protective guard and its bulky handle, the common Bowie knife has limited use.

Knife designer Tony Lennartz created a special Bowie knife with increased usability. Its elegant appearance derives from the harmonised alignment of handle and blade. The stylistic character of the handle stems from the time-tested European sabre grips of the 18th century.

The sum of these charateristics, as well as the charm of history, lend this knife its distinctiveness. With the layout of this Bowie knife, the designer has created a synthesis of traditional occidental and oriental traits, that Eickhorn Solingen have molded into an extraordinary knife with their modern manufacturing technology: the German Bowie Knife. Stainless Bohler K110 steel.

Length overall: 12.795″ (approx. 32,5 cm)
Blade length: 7.677″ (approx. 19,5 cm)
Weight 365 g
Blade thickness: 4,6 mm

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