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Hubertus automatic knives

The Hubertus lever lock or switchblade knives – called Springer – are a synonym for the high quality made by Hubertus Solingen. Especially in the United States they are very popular with a huge fan base.Hubertus Knives lever lock automatic for sale

A lever lock is a pocket knife with a blade springing out of the handle into an opened position by pressing the folding lever.

The standard materials for the switchblade handles are stag horn, buffalo horn, ebony, micarta and palisander.

The history of german automatic knives began around 1850. Pocket knives were part of the daily work, but sometimes it was difficult to open them. Therefore knife makers invented a mechanism to open a pocket knife with just one hand.
The lever lock knives became much more popular in the following years and so they produced them with various differerent components to satisfy every purpose. Hunters preferred tools with an additional saw blade, cap lifter or corkscrew.

Hubertus is a world leader in terms of automatic knives.

Switchblade knives with a lever lock system had been made by many companies in Solingen. One of the last remaining manufacturers is Hubertus. The success story of lever lock knives begun 200 years ago and is built on the easy and safe one-hand handling. Therefore the switchblade was the first one-handed knife, which was produced in a very large number.

More than 50 prestigious companies from Solingen included lever lock knives to their assortment. These “springers” were part of the Hubertus assortment from the very beginning.

But thats not all…

New trends had been established since working with CNC mashine crafting, light metal casting or fiberglass reinforced materials. Therefore the switchblades nowdaydays have modern and more ergonomic handles to acquire new customers. Especially collectors are interested in hand forged damascus blades and extraordinary handles.

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Hubertus Knives – High quality products made in Germany

Hubertus Solingen is famous for their hunting and outdoor knives. They offer hunting knives with fixed blades, characterized by a fixed blade with a flat forged handle part and riveted handle slabs. Hubertus Knives Stag Folding knife for saleUsually these cutting tools are equipped with traditional stag horn handle.

Why are they so popular?

Well, the hunting folding knives got an excellent reputation worldwide, due to their attention to details, their shape and their materials.
In their wide range of products they also offer classic and modern types of outdoor knives. Most of them are made with handles of natural products e.g. horn or wood.

Hubertus Knives are handmade cutting tools, which are made for a large variety of target audience. The product line includes hunting knives, “Nicker”, pocket knives for every day carry, sheath knives, lever lock automatic knives (switchblade). The handles are made of stag, noble wood or exclusive pearlescent and collector’s knives with damascus steel.

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A short history of “Hubertus Solingen”Hubertus Knives Stag Folding knife for sale

Hubertus Solingen is a world famous German knife manufacturer. The high quality, the time tested manufacturing process, the attention to details and the dedication to their products make these company to something special.

Hubertus knives are known all over the world. Their story of success started in 1932, when the company was founded by Kuno Ritter under his name in Solingen, Germany. At the beginning the Kuno Ritter company was specialized on classis sheath knives. In the following years the company produced sets of cutlery and household cutting tools for sale.

During the second world war the official boy scout knife was produced by the Kuno Ritter company . In 1950 the brand name Hubertus was added to the company – named by the patron saint of all hunters  – and all blades were marked with the new brand name. Over the years the company expanded their assortment and developed their famous switchblade-, outdoor- and hunting knives.

There are many factors which have made Solingen world famous as the city of blades. Especially the large amount of small, traditional, creative manufacturers – one of them is Hubertus.

Carry on tradition

The Hubertus Solingen factory Kuno Ritter is one of the few knife manufacturers from Solingen, which produce handmade traditional hunting knives, Nicker, sport- and pocket knives.
The variety of hunting knives has been extended and classic cutlas (“Hirschfanger”) and pig sticker has been made. Since 1950 Hubertus knives has been established in America, Japan and South Africa.

Hubertus was able to fulfill the raising demand for knives with folding blades, since producing their knives in their own company. Even well-known firms from Solingen and other competitors produced their limited editions at Hubertus.

The company started to produce limited editions in 1982, due to their 50th anniversary. Hubertus always developed market niches e.g. the production of bajonet for international clients, club knives for US – knife clubs or innovative rescue knives, which are used by more than fire departments and rescue services. Moreover Hubertus is famous for their products with fancy handle materials like ram horn, buffalo bones, nacreous or ivory.

Hubertus has knife enthusiasts all over the world. Be one of them.

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