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The company Friedrich Hartkopf has a long tradition. Founded in 1890 by Friedrich Wilhelm Hartkopf in Solingen. Hartkopf is specialized on producing handmade pocket knives. Due to their high quality Hartkopf knives are known all over the world.Hartkopf Knives Damascus

All Hartkopf knives are produced in old technical tradition. Every single blade is forged by hand. Noble, nature materials like real stag horn, buffalo horn or ebony wood are used for the handles. The classic knives with corkscrew and cap lifter are part of the assortment just like exclusive collector knives.

The company Friedrich Hartkopf is a synonym for highest build quality made in Germany. Hartkopf knives are made in best handmade quality, just like 120 years ago.

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Hartkopf Knives Folder SnakewoodWe offer selected Hartkopf knives with olivewood, snake wood, stag horn and ebony wood. Take a tour through our Hartkopf category





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