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Solingen – Cutlery capital of the world

Solingen’s supremacy in metal crafting was fostered by its auspicious location in the southern Ruhr District. This greatest of European coal regions yields 90% of all German bituminous coal, so it was but natural that North Rhine Westphalia, the state in which Solingen is located, would become the heart of Germany’s iron and steel production and made german knives famous all around the globe.

This vast experience with metal and its ready availability, coupled with the German people’s traditional technical skills and penchant for research, bore the inevitable fruit of Solingen’s supremacy in cutlery.

From sword blades to straight razors, shears and scissors was but a natural accompaniment to the march of the time and progress. And the development and perfection of hunting and pocket knives was the next logical advance in a country where hunting has always enjoyed the status of a sport rich with tradition.

German knives for sale made in Germany

Today, Solingen is a thriving city with a population of approx. 200,000. Though largely rebuilt following heavy bombings in World War II, it retains a vitality tempered with charm, innate pride in production and accomplishment, legendary dedication to the creation of cutlery to the extent that there still exists “cottage industries” where items are made by artisans in their own homes.

Solingen History
Cutlery and Solingen built an insoluble unit. All over the world, the knives from Solingen are famous and known for their exceptional quality. A world-wide fame which was hard earned over the last 700 years.
The production of cutlery in the heart of Solingen is older than the city itself. The first manufactured swords were documented in 1250. In the following centuries the business developed and established a diverse range of different cutlery.
The 17th century was the time of scissors and cutlery, the region benefited from the occurrence of water, woods and ore. Moreover the immediate proximity to the important commercial city of cologne enabled a nationwide distribution of german knives made in Solingen.

Despite the technical revolution in the 19th and 20th centuries the production requires a high level of mechanic precision and skill.
Even today the industry is characterized by attachment between technical and mechanic tasks, which had been refined over the last 700 years.

As a protection of the trademark “Solingen” and as a world known sign of quality the Solingen-regulation was ratified. Since then the name “Solingen” can only be used for cutlery which has been made in the industrial area of Solingen. This regulation ensures exceptional quality for cutlery “Made in Solingen” and the appreciation all over the world.

German knife manufacturer

Böker/Boker Solingen

Hermann and Robert Boker started to produce swords in 1829. Just one year later the company produced almost 2,000 swords per week and employed more than 100 workers.

German Knives Boker Böker pocket knivesHermann Boker immigrated in the USA and founded H. Boeker & Co. His brother Robert expanded the company to Canada and Mexico in 1865.
1869 the headquarters moved from Remscheid, Germany to Solingen, which has been developed as the center of industrial production of knives and tools in Germany.

At first Boker was specialized on producing  razors, scissors and pocket knives. Due to a rising number of requests regarding pocket knives, the company decided to increase the production of pocket knives and their export to the USA.

At the turn of the century the majority of Böker knives had been exported to the United States and they are still a synonym for the exceptional quality of german knives.


Zwilling J.A. Henckels Solingen Knives
Zwilling J.A. Henckels is another german brand which stands for great handmade knives and cutlery. They have also a long tradition history in Solingen, Germany.

Founded in 1731 by Johann Peter Henckels, a well-known knife manufacturer in Solingen. It is one of the oldest companies in the business.
Additional to the headquarter in Solingen, Zwilling J.A. Henckels has subsidiaries in seven of the most important industrial countries, like USA or Japan. The company has customers in over 100 countries all around the world.


Linder Knives
Linder knives were produced and sold since 1870 in Solingen, it was founded by Carl Wilhelm Linder. His Son Carl Linder built the company and established a great reputation in producing high quality knives made in Germany. In 1918 Linder began to expand their knives.

After the death of Carl Linder in 1937 the company has been sold to Paul Rosenkaimer, a knife manufacturer from Solingen. Due to the origin of Carl Linder the company still has got the name “Carl Linder Nachf. (successor)”. Today Linder Knives are lead by Siegfried and Paul Rosenkaimer.


PUMA Knives
PUMA Knives are one of the favorites for knife enthusiasts and collectors all around the world.
The “PUMA-Werk” was founded in 1769 in Solingen. At first they produced razors, tools and pocket knives. But after the second world war they specialized on hunting-, fishing- and outdoor knives. PUMA is working closely with hunters to adjust their knives to the needs of their customers.Puma Knives White Hunter

PUMA developed in 1956 one of the most famous hunting knives ever, the White Hunter.




Wusthof is known for their high quality kitchen knives. The company was founded in 1814 in Solingen by Abraham Wusthof. Today, over 200 years ago, the business is still lead by the family Wursthof. Their products established a great reputation for their quality and functionality.
Wusthof is a synonym for exceptional quality, long-lasting products and the attention to details.


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