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In our Eickhorn Knives page we want to give you some background information about the company Eickhorn and our offered knives e.g. military knives like the KM 2000 or the Eickhon Gravity Knife. To extend this section we appreciate it if you send us your feedback or review of your Eickhorn knife. All mentioned knives are for sale in our shop. If you have any suggestions or questions about our Eickhorn products please contact us.


History & Growth

Eickhorn Knives Pohl One Damascus II. Collectors Knife

In 1865 Eickhorn was founded by Carl Eickhorn in Solingen. The company is famous for their combat and rescue knives. Till the end of the 19th century Eickhorn was known all over the world. The huge factory was partly destroyed during the second world war and rebuilt in the following years. The company still manufacture in Solingen, Germany.

Over the years Eickhorn established an international reputation for engineering, product design and quality control. Eickhorn knives were the result of 140 years of experiences in development and production of professional knives. Military- Police- and Rescue Units all over the world rely on the quality of Eickhorn knives.

The company combined 140 years of tradition with modern design and technology. Eickhorn knives are a commitment to traditional German values.


Eickhorn Knives – Range of Knives

We offer selected Eickhorn fixed blade knives and pocket knives. Take a tour and choose between beautiful combat knives, rescue knives and police knives.

Eickhorn Knives – KM 2000Eickhorn Knives KM 2000 BW Combat Knife

The Eickhorn KM 2000 is the most famous knife of the company. It’s the official combat knife of the German armed forces. Double sided Tanto blade made of 1.4110 stainless steel with black Kalgard coating and half serrated cutting edge. Fiberglas enforced synthetic cross guard. Black synthetic sheath with lanyard, fits all U.S. – M.O.L.L.E. and German IDZ carrying systems. Comes with diamond sharpener.


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