Eickhorn Defender 90 Machete


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Eickhorn Defender 90 Machete

The stable 4.7 mm thick blade ensures high stability. The back of the blade undoubtedly withstands massive hammer blows, e.g. to cut bones, and is therefore ideal for batoning (batoning is splitting firewood with a knife. The technique is common for survival purposes. A knife is used with a stick (English baton) through the log to be split. You get thin kindling and, if the wood is soaked, you can also get dry pieces from the inside.)

The non-slip, closed G-10 handle scales allow this machete to be used safely. The end of the handle has been equipped with an additional hole for attaching a hand strap or a safety cord. Equipped in this way, this extraordinary knife offers the inclined outdoor enthusiast enough reserves. Even the toughest jobs in the woods are no real challenge for this knife. The elongated, no-frills cutting edge has been tried and tested for centuries and makes it easier for the user to resharpen. This allows, for example, the edge to be sharpened with a flat river pebble in an emergency or survival situation. A very light Cordura sheath with a Velcro fastener and belt loop was chosen as the sheath.

Length overall: 9,48 inch (24.1 cm)
Blade length is: 4,68 inch (11.9 cm)
Blade thickness: 4.7 mm
Weight: 304 g
Steel: 1.4110

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