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Famous PUMA White Hunter  Merken Merken Merken

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Puma White Hunter

We offer a superb Puma White Hunter fixed blade hunting knife included leather sheath and certification for sale. The Puma White Hunter is handmade in Solingen, Germany.

Experience report by Henry E. Prante about the PUMA White Hunter, addressed to the PUMA company in Solingen 1966.

On a recent hunting expedition into British Columbia’s Chilcotin wilderness, I had the opportunity to experience the use of one of your White Hunter knifes. I say “experienced” deliberately because one can’t merely use a knife of quality.
Max Winkler, of Harkley and liaywood’s sporting goods store in Vancouver, B.C., had advised me to buy this knife ant it was he, who later led our expedition as well.

The trip, besides the hunting, was an assignment for me to bring back a story for a hunting magazine. It became a success story when we bagged four big bucks and four does; all mule deer.
Since Max had praised your knife I decided to test it thoroughly. Although this meant cleaning, skinning, and butchering all eight carcasses with my knife, I enjoyed doing it. Before we returned home, however, to save weight and loading-room on our truck, I used the back edge of the blade to chop off all thirty-two deer legs at the knee joints. Honestly, I was amazed to see how easy and quick such job can be done. And the knife? I’m happy to report that its edge never dulled throughout the whole operation.

As you’ll know this is brutal punishment for any blade but to do this much work without visiting a grindstone – is really more than adequate for any hunter’s needs. I feel I must congratulate you both, your know-how and craftsmanship.

Please allow me to make a suggestion and share a bit of hard earned information with me. It seems quite often, especially during the early and warmer part of our three month long hunting season, a hunter must skin out a whole trophy head to prevent spoiling. In the past I’ve seen many hunters, even guides and trappers do or perform this delicate operations with jackknifes and other unsuited tools. A number of years ago a friend of mine presented me with a surgical blade and since then I’ve found that no other knife can peel the cartilages from bears ears or paws, or pull the cape over a bighorn sheep’s head.
I suggest there is a good market for this special skinning blade and you might do well to investigate its possibilities and potential.
Let me point out again though, here in British Columbia, a hundred or more miles from civilization – a good knife like yours is still a man’s best friend.
Sincerely yours, Henry Prante


Outdoorsman’s all-around knife for hunter, camper or hiker. Curved contour for cutting, slicing and skinning. Strong back edge for hacking and genuine leather sheath.
The curved line of the sharp edge of the White Hunter has the correct contour for all cutting, slicing and skinning strokes. The serrations enable easy cuts in such slippery objects as green twigs, sausage skin, tomatoes or fish skin. Once the cut is started by the serrations, the blade above takes over and finishes the stroke.
A sleek, smoothly rounded guard gives the knife a smart, snug feel in your hand and prevents fingers from slipping down over the blade.

Natural staghorn slabs are securely fitted to each side of the tang, giving a handle surface which will not slip under the wettest or coldest conditions.
The grooved safety thumb rest of the White Hunter is located to give added power for heavy cutting strokes. It also gives guard protection to the fingers.

A strong short edge on the blade’s reverse side is ideal for heavy cutting as slicing up firewood or hacking down branches in the bush. Use of this edge for heavy work saves the major cutting edge for finer work.
The wonderfully useful PUMA blade has its weight well toward the tip. At its heaviest part a flattened face serves as a hammer, able to drive small nails or similar work.
The diamond-like facets make this blade look as precious as a jewel.

“Sharp as a razor, strong as an axe”


Blade length: 6 “.
Blade thickness: 5 mm
Total length: 10-5/8 ”
Knife weight: 240 g
Scales: staghorn
Bolster: aluminium
Steel / hardness: 1.4116 / 55-57 HRC
Sheath: leather
Design: PUMA

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2 reviews for Puma White Hunter Stag Hunting Knife

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Besides this Legendary Knife, I was also interested in the Puma Auto Messer (or Piloten Messer once adopted by Bundeswehr, the German military), but I decided to choose the White Hunter instead, and I’m glad that I did.
    The moment I opened the box and unsheathed the knife, I was literally overwhelmed by the aura coming from this legendary blade. Very classic and distinctively German in quality and craftsmanship! Unlike the White Hunter manufactured in the 1950s out of Pumaster Steel (Carbon), mine was made in 2017 out of 440A German Steel (Stainless), but the quality of the knife is uncompromising and it still retains the profile and dignity of the original knife made in the 20th century.
    This is the iconic knife that made Puma Solingen famous throughout the world and the name White Hunter is synonymous with a high quality hunting/outdoor knife among those who spend much time in the woods.
    No exaggeration, but I know that besides numerous hunting/outdoor scenes, this knife has also witnessed much of the Cold War of the 20th century on various occasions from the Berlin Wall to the jungles of Vietnam.
    As I did some Schneiden Test (as I always do with any newly acquired knife) with papers, the blade didn’t seem so sharp, but as I was idly testing it with my own hand, it nicked the skin pretty good and deep. So it was sharp!
    This knife is a real eye-catcher, very well made and beautifully adorned with real staghorn scales.
    I’m now on my way to the northern California for a week-long expedition and I will show off this beauty to all my buddies to make them jealous.
    I’ll only have to make sure that this beauty doesn’t get stolen!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I have been a big fan of German made Puma knives for many, many years. I purchased one of these Puma White Hunters from German Knife Shop about two months ago. It is an excellent knife in every aspect. At this point in time, I own a total of seven German made Puma’s representing different models. I have even created 4 or 5 YouTube review videos on these knives. All I really know for sure is that when it comes to the world of cutlery, there exists a whole bunch of junky knives on the market. This German handmade White Hunter certainly does not fall into this class. As a matter of fact, the Puma White Hunter is in a class of it’s own and should be recognized this way. If you have never had a White Hunter in your hands, then you truly have never held a really superior hunting knife. 5 stars but wished I could give this knife 20 stars.

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