Down Under Knives Model “The Outback” Mark II.

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Down Under Knives Model “The Outback”  with brand new Mark II. Leather Sheath

VIDEO: “The Outback” in Action
The Outback™ features a forged, dual heat treated 440C stainless blade honed to a razor sharp edge. The back retains some spring to it while the edge has been made hard enough to withstand hundreds or thousands of cuts with no perceptible dulling.This is not a wall hanger – we set out to create the most devastatingly effective Bowie knife ever produced, and designed every detail like we mean it. Hack, slash, chop, cut, crush… This is one blade that will never let you down.
The handle is skillfully crafted out of genuine ebony, leather and brass with an ultra-strong tang that will not twist or break in heavy use.The solid, bead blasted brass handguard and pommel complete the distinctive look. The Outback™ is truly both a great example of the knifemaker’s art as well as the most rugged, dependable tool an outdoorsman could wish for.The Outback™ comes with a genuine heavy leather sheath patterned to resemble crocodile skin. The sheath features an integral retaining boot for the included high quality sharpening spike.Specifications:
Overall length: 16”
Blade length 11″
Blade thickness: 6mm
Weight 800 g / 28.2 oz
Material: 440C dual heat treated (edge 58-59 RC / back 45-46 RC)
Solid brass guard and pommel, ebony & leather handle
Genuine leather sheath with sharpening spikeHere the original description of the changed leather sheath of “Down Under Knives”:

New Improved Outback™ Sheath Mark II.

This completely redesigned sheath comes as standard on all new production Outback™ knives in 2016. It is also available separately as an upgrade or replacement for existing owners.

The original Outback™ sheath was always pretty good for its time, but over the years it has been getting increasingly eclipsed by our later models. Now, we don’t exactly subscribe to the idea of knowing when to stop, so our improvement program eventually came up with a completely new design – bigger, better and more badass in every conceivable way, not to mention several times the cost to produce. As this second generation model completely transforms the Outback™ package and translates to a slightly higher MSRP for new model knives, we figured it would be only fair to make it available separately so existing owners can upgrade without purchasing a new knife.

Key improvements:
– Bigger, stronger, more rigid construction: up to 50% heavier than early model
– Full hand braided leather edge
– New, more distinctive tooled crocodile skin pattern
– 2″ longer, wider and heavier shank and belt loop allows the knife to sit lower on the hip
– Longer and heavier retention strap now goes clear across the knife, making the snap button much easier and faster to engage and disconnect
– Longer honing steel sits in a separate leather tube, braided into the sheath’s construction rather than formed from the same leather piece
– Bigger, completely redesigned “Croc tooth” ornament pieces that actually resemble crocodile teeth

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