Eickhorn Bellator TAC G10 German Tactical Knife

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Eickhorn Bellator TAC G10 German Tactical Knife

The ‘Bellator’ is the first SYSTEMA knife, that ES and Andreas Weitzel -one of the leading SYSTEMA trainers- have jointly developed. The knife is made of proven Böhler N695 stainless steel and comes with anti-slip G-10 grips. The large screws, the indentation in the middle part of the grip and the ergonomical finger geometry enable excellent handling and rapid change of hold. This makes the `Bellator` excellent for self-defence. This knife is also a superb choice for hunters, outdoor fans and survival specialists. For flexible carrying ES have chosen a Kydex sheath with belt adapter. A tactical version and a training knife complete this program.
Weight 220 g, blade 11,7 cm, overall 23,7 cm.

Total length: 9.330″ (approx. 23,7 cm)
Blade length: 4.606″ (approx. 11,7 cm)
Blade thickness: 4,7 mm
Knife weight: 220 g

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Half Serrated, Plain


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