Eickhorn U.S. M7-LE Bayonet Limited Edition


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Eickhorn U.S. M7-LE Bayonet Limited Edition

BAYONET US M7-LE – Developed for the Colt assault rifle M16, this classic bayonet accompanied the American G.I.’s during the Vietnam War. With a limited and numbered edition of 999 worldwide Solingen now ends the production. The blade made of highly flexible 55Si7 spring steel (HRC 51-53) is Kalgard coated. US M8A1-polyamide sheath in the original design. Thanks to the U-wire it may also be worn on the U.S. military service belt. Suitable for assault rifles of the series Colt M16, M4, Diemaco C7, C8, Steyr AUG, IMI Galil AR, ARM, SAR, Beretta AR70/90 and FN FNC.
Overall length:  11.732″ (approx. 29,8 cm)
Blade length: 6.653″ (approx. 16,9 cm)
Blade thickness: 5mm
Weight: 280 g
Important Note:
This product can only be purchased if you are at least 18 years of age!
Please send us a copy of your ID card or passport (front and reverse) with sample signature as proof of age – either via e-mail, fax or postal letter.
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