Hensoldt Sniper Rifle Scope Storage Box



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Here we offer a new original Hensoldt / Wetzlar rifle scope storage box. Made in Germany for Hensoldt rifle and anti tank scopes. Material inside = hard – plastic. Material outside = Cordura with woodland camo. The little bag is also included. Nato stock no.: 8465-12-327-9248. Original stamped: G3 Zielfernrohr / Parat Werk RS. Some difference Hensoldt rifle scope will fit in this new storage box.
#1. Hensoldt Fero Z 24
#2. Hensoldt model 1
#3. Hensoldt model 2
and any German anti-tank scopes.
Length: 10.236 inch ( approx. 26 cm )
Width: 4.331 inch ( approx. 11 cm )
Depth: 2.756 inch ( approx. 7 cm )

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