Hubertus Take-Apart Picnic Knife Wood


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Hubertus Take-Apart Picnic Knife Wood

Hubertus take-apart picnic knives/ hobo knives are light weight and  small in a folded state (1). By opening the blade (2) they can be used for cutting as standard pocket knives.

If the fork blade is opened (3), both halfs of the handle are unlocked. By sliding the handle slabs (4) both halfs of the handle can be separated (5) and the user is able to use fork and a separate knife (6).

The fork blade comes with an integrated bottle opener. Additionally the take-apart picnic knife is featuring a corkscrew.

For re-assembling the knife we advise

  1. close the knife blade first
  2. place both halfs of the handle slabs on top of each other with the internal sides
  3. slide both halfs of the handle slabs superimposably
  4. close the fork blade

Blade length: 8 cm / 3-1/8″
Blade thickness: 2,8 mm
Handle length: 10 cm / 4″
Blade material: 1.4034 stainless
Fork blade with bottle opener and corkscrew
Weight: ca. 110 g / 3.88 oz
Handle slabs: rosewood

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