Linder Farmer Carbon Blade Knife


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Linder Farmer Carbon Blade Knife

Beginning in the postwar time until the German economic miracle period a tremendous volume of hunting knives found its way from Solingen to north America (USA, Canada).

Among various other designs the so-called Farmer Blade was created to meet the typical north american taste. This blade was forged of C60 carbon steel.

Linder decided to bring back this particular Farmer Knife – made of an original blade production lot of the 1960s. Combined with the contemporary handle components – brass guard, genuine India Sambar stag (!!) and aluminum pommel – the knife connoisseur obtains a piece of contemporary history – at an affordable price. The knife comes with a leather sheath.

The Farmer Knife is available with a 9 cm (3-1/2″) or a 12 cm (4-7/8″) blade.

Blade length in cm 9.00
Total length in cm 17.00
Handle length in cm 8.00
Blade thickness in mm 4.00
Net weight in g 65
Box weight in kg 0.128

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