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Linder Handlelight BOHLER M390 Powderit. International Knife Award Win

Winner of the IWA 2010 International Knife Award (Innovation). Utility model No. 20 2008 012 723.8

High-grade stainless powder steel Böhler M390 blade. Handle of ebony wood. Stainless guard and pommel. Incl. 20 glow sticks. High grade leather sheath. 3 1/2” blade.

Linder Handlelight – a glowing innovation by Peter Rosenkaimer. Design and functionality make it possible that you can pursue all hunting and outdoor activities any time. A stand-alone, non-electric product.

Who doesn’t know a situation like this? Dusk, darkness, dawn. The work is done, you’re on the way home. But where is the knife that has just served you so well? You will hardly have such trouble with the Linder Handlelight knife. Before you use the knife in the dark you activate a glow stick (20 pieces come with the knife) by slight bending and shaking until it glows all-over. Then you open the pommel-screw, insert the glow stick and bring the screw back in place. Your Linder Handlelight will now glow for hours. If you put your knife aside you will see the unique yellow dot all the time. During your work you will not be irritated as your hand will cover the light.

The handle is made of fine ebony wood, blasted and oiled, with stainless steel guard and pommel. The handle is shaped to comfort your hand – a result of decades of experience of the manufacturer. The light conductive cones of acrylic glass, residing in aluminum rings, are inserted into the wood with perfect fit. The approved drop-point blade is made of 4 mm BOHLER stainless powder steel M390.

Yes, there are things you don‘t want to lose.

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