Otter Mercator Cat Copper


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Otter Mercator Cat Copper

The “Black Cat Knife” is a cult classic! The Mercator knife with the cat imprint became a worldwide classic after World War II, highly valued for its slim yet robust design. The additional designation K55K means “K” for Kaufmann (the original manufacturer), “55” for Hochstraße 55 (the original company address), and “K” for the cat symbol. The imprint is stamped under the press and hand-painted after powder coating, just like in the past.

This limited edition features a copper-colored cat appliqué, copper rivets, and a copper ring. Another special feature is the leather impact piece.

Included in the gift set are the limited copper cat, a matching leather strap with a copper sleeve, and a handcrafted matching leather case.

Locking Mechanism: Lockable
Overall Length: 200 mm (7.87 inches)
Weight: 75 g (2.65 ounces)
Handle Length: 110 mm (4.33 inches)
Blade Shape: Medium point
Blade Thickness: 3.0 mm (0.12 inches)
Spring Material: Carbon steel C75
Blade Length: 90 mm (3.54 inches)
Blade Material: Stainless steel 1.4034
Locking Mechanism: Backlock
Accessories: Leather case, with leather strap

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