Otter Mercator Folding Knife Brass Small


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Otter Mercator Folding Knife Brass Small

The Mercator and OTTER knife, these two terms are closely related. Now there is also a knife that shows this connection. Otter has reissued the Mercator in its historical form. Instead of the classic black steel case, the handle is now made of brass. The embossed OTTER completes the noble look of the metal. Despite the elegant appearance, this Mercator knife also has the usual properties. It is slim, functional and reliable. This model is the small, not lockable brass knife.

Blade material: carbon steel C75 or stainless steel 1.4034
Handle materials: brass
Overall length: 6.88″ (175 mm)
Blade length: 3.14″ (80 mm)
Handle length: 3.54″ (90 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.09″ (2.5 mm)
Locking: slipjoint
Weigth: 50g

Weight N/A
Blade Steel

carbon steel C75, stainless steel 1.4034


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