Down Under Knives Model “Razorback”


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Down Under Knives Model “Razorback”

We have seen a lot of heavy blade style hunting knives that got it almost right. In fact we’ve seen so many that we finally made it our mission to remove the “almost” part and see what this style is really capable of. Enter the Razorback™ – with all the features that worked and none of the awkward blockiness often associated with this kind of knife. Not satisfied with making yet another slab of metal with as many sharp angles as you can fit in 12 inches of steel, we elected to give it the pleasing curves and traditional materials our customers have grown to know and love in our other products. This one feels even better than it looks!

The back of the blade has a gentle downward curve for easy skinning and a bone cracker cut to avoid accidental piercing and to provide help in guiding the blade. The rear portion of the back has a razor sharp whittling edge for easy kindling, and the front heavy blade profile provides all the chopping and cutting power this style is famous for. The semi-full tang construction and full leather handle provide a sure grip in all conditions, wet or dry. Add a uniquely styled heavy leather sheath with genuine bone ornaments and a quick-release catch, and we figure this one’s going to be tough to beat for a specialized hunting/camping knife.

440C stainless steel
Solid brass guard and pommel
Genuine leather handle and sheath
Overall length: 30.7 cm – 12”
Blade length 18 cm – 7″
Blade thickness: 5.5 mm – .2″
Weight 465 g – 16.402 oz

Weight 1.1 kg


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