Puma “Automesser” Car Knife Hunting Knife

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Puma Automesser “Car Knife” Hunting Knife With Plum Wood Handle

Here we offer a superb German Puma handmade hunting knife with certification and fine leather sheath. The knife is based on the famous Puma White Hunter.

The Point is so strong that it can be used to open cans and bottle tops. Towards the point the blade is specially wide and heavy with a flat hammerlike surface on the back; this is for driving tacks or tent pegs; also for cutting out grass sod for filling up deep tracks, for self defence, for removing snow from car wings, for roughening up ice before starting to drive, etc.

The long roundup edge is extremely sharp, and will cut everything needed for camping meal. On the back there is a short blunt hatchet edge, for cutting kindling, chopping wood, breaking up bones, etc.
Important: All rough cutting to be done with the hatchet blade, to avoid blunting the main one.
The fine serration at the handle end of the blade is for starting cuts in tomatoes, sausages skin, etc.
Thumb rest and guard are specially designed for safe holding and for directing the knife with maximum power and control.

Solid plum wood handle is beautifully and securely fastened with large brass rivets. Knife is supplied complete with fine leather sheath enabling it to be carried everywhere.

Blade length: 6 ”
Blade thickness: 5 mm
Total length: 10-5/8 ”
Knife weight: 237 g
Scales: plum wood
Bolster: aluminium
Steel / hardness: 1.4116 / 55-57 HRC
Sheath: leather
Design: PUMA

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