Puma Leather Knife Pouch Brown Sheath


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Puma Leather Knife Pouch Brown Sheath

Dear customers, here we offer a beautiful and brand new German Puma folding pocket leather knife pouch made by Puma Solingen / Germany. Into this folding knife sheath will fit all folding knives, which has a max. handle length of 3.74 inch till 4.921 inch ! Approx.:  (9,5 cm – 12,5 cm)
This nice pouch will fit on all belts and has a max. width of 2.165 inch (This is approx. 5,5 cm) ! This pocket knife pouch is made of strong cowhide leather. Slotted on reverse for belt. Color: BROWN
210311 PUMA Jagdtaschenmesser 4-tlg.
210910 PUMA Prince
210943 PUMA Jagdtaschenmesser 3-tlg.
210945 PUMA Jagdtaschenmesser 4-tlg.
212410 PUMA jata 240 G
212411 PUMA jata 240 G with saw blade
210650 PUMA 2+2 ergon I, stag
210652 PUMA 2+2 ergon I with saw blade, stag
220650 PUMA 2+2 ergon I, cocobolo
220652 PUMA 2+2 ergon I with saw blade, cocobolo
230270 PUMA general
230470 PUMA master
230700 PUMA Pretec Drop
230701 PUMA Pretec Spear
230702 PUMA Pretec Saw
821081 PUMA IP diabolo, oak, damascus
828311 PUMA IP compania olive
828411 PUMA IP compania amaranth II
821066 PUMA IP aguja, olive
822018 PUMA IP el dedo, olive
823011 PUMA IP castor olive
823012 PUMA IP castor toro
823014 PUMA IP castor eibe

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