PUMA Rüdemann / Rudemann Micarta Orange


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PUMA Rüdemann / Rudemann Micarta Orange

The design of the new “rüdemann” interception knife from PUMA’s IP series came from Philipp Tassius, whose great-uncle Walter Tassius, forester and welding dog handler, had already developed the original “PUMA Rüdemann” in 1975. The aim of the modernized further development was to incorporate the current requirements of wild boar hunting into the changes. Functionality was also the focus this time, because the “cold weapon” must be in the hand, as if knife and hand were one unit, especially with defensive wild boar. The knife must be heavy, but not too heavy, and have the important properties of stability and sharpness. The blade should also not be fully sharpened on both sides. Therefore, only the tip is sharpened on both sides to enable rapid penetration into the game’s body. The blade length is 19 cm with a total knife length of almost 33 cm. The strong blade, bulging in the front third, increases the oxygen supply when intercepting and enables the piece to be released quickly. The new “rüdemann” comes with a high-quality, custom-fit belt sheath made from saddle leather.

Blade length: 7,48″ (190 mm)
Blade thickness: 0,19″ (5 mm)
Tatal length: 12,83″ (326 mm)
Knife weight: 380 g
Scales: micarta orange
Stahl / Härte: 440C / 57-60 HRC
Design: Philipp Tassius
Sheath: leather

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