Puma TEC KUKRI Machete


Puma Tec

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PUMA TEC Kukri Machete

Dear customers, here we offer a superb and ultra strong KUKRI Machete made by PUMA  / GERMANY / SOLINGEN ! This beautiful Machete IS BRAND NEW !
The length overall is 17 -1/6 inch (approx. 42 cm !)
The length of the handle is 4.921 inch (approx. 12.5 cm !)
The blade thickness is 0.315 inch  (approx. 8mm … wow !)
Handle is made of rubber.
Extreme cool handling !
The total weight of this awesome machete is 1200 g.
This awesome “Kukri” machete comes with Cordura sheath.
Steel quality: AISI 420

Weight 1.2 kg


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