Puma Waidblatt Stag Hunting Knife Included Leather Sheath

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Puma Waidblatt Stag Hunting Knife Included Leather Sheath

The “waidblatt” model was developed by Chief Forest Ranger Walter Frevert in the middle of the last century and is one of the classic hunting knives made by PUMA Solingen.

Legends never die! PUMA’s “frevertsche waidblatt” has been an integral part of traditional hunting equipment for many decades and has not lost its relevance in terms of design and functionality to this day. The sturdy blade with a sharpened edge in the front area is extremely robust and therefore not only suitable for intercepting game but also as a stand hewer in the hunting ground. The handle scales are made of deer horn and backed with fiber, and the solid nickel silver fittings (guard and pommel) make this high-quality, classic hunting knife particularly easy to handle. The accompanying leather belt sheath is equipped with two securing straps including a snap closure.

Blade length: 217 mm (8.54 inches)
Blade thickness: 8 mm (0.31 inches)
Overall length: 330 mm (12.99 inches)
Knife weight: 580 g (20.46 ounces)
Handle material: Deer horn
Steel / Hardness: 1.4116 / 55-57 HRC
Sheath: Saddle leather
Design: Frevert
Made in Solingen, Germany

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Weight 1.2 kg

2 reviews for Puma Waidblatt Stag Hunting Knife Included Leather Sheath

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I have checked all the knife sellers I know and learned that GKS offers the best price.
    This Beauty comes in a black wooden presentation box and it is like unwrapping a X’mas gift!
    Everything about this knife reminds me of a Roman Gladius and the dark green sheath made of genuine leather best matches this robust hunting knife. It is tough-built and EXTREMELY chunky!
    Waidblatt was originally designed for hacking rather than slicing so I expected it to have an obtuse blade edge, but mine came decently sharp and it could slice an A4 sheet of paper easily.
    This knife has a very thick and wide blade and one full swing would be enough to kill wild game, crush its pelvis and quarter it to be packed up.
    A beautiful, yet robust German hunting knife with an extremely beefy blade and though it cost me a fortune,
    I am very delighted with this rare Beauty.
    As a young man, I could never afford a knife with this quality and why would I want it when I’m too old?

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Ever since I acquired this Beauty, I’m doing more thorough study on this legendary blade and several things are to be said.
    First of all, Waidblatt is exclusively for hunting and for hunting only! It is not to be mistreated as a multi-purpose tool or even a combat knife (I’ve read an article that says some American soldiers serving in Vietnam were fighting the Viet Congs with Waidblatt, but I kind of doubt that).
    The blade edge is not so sharp as any combat knife is supposed to be, because it is intended for hunting animals and not man slaughter.
    The most characteristic of this knife is its wide blade (I’ve come to know that is what “Waidblatt” means). The strong and very thick blade tip makes Waidblatt a mercy killer that with one good stab, it helps the quicker death of game as a deep and wide wound makes the faster loss of blood.
    Besides the blade tip, the blade gets wide and thick around the hilt. This is to make an efficient kill by stabbing without breaking or bending the blade.
    Finally, Waidblatt very much resembles Puma Rüdemann in many ways, except that Waidblatt is a little longer and heavier.
    As the blade construction tells, Rüdemann is a very heavy-duty knife and it is more versatile than Waitblatt.
    It is, indeed, an honor to have such a beautiful German hunting knife so rich in history and legend.

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