Eickhorn Boar Hunter Beryllium Olive Knife

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Eickhorn Boar Hunter Beryllium Olive Knife

The Eickhorn Boar-Hunter meets the requirements of the modern hunter as to a functional interceptor. This may be necessary if the animal has been injured, for example, by a bad shot. The hunter can then release the animal from his suffering quickly and safely for himself and his environment without applying the firearm.

The Boar Hunter has a 259 mm long, hollow ground dagger blade and an ergonomic, glass fiber reinforced plastic handle. This knife can stand a lot and it is disinfectable. The knife comes with a leather sheath which has a storing option for the Para-II or Para-II GS.

Overall length:  8.740″ (39.1 cm)
Blade length: 3.346″ (25.9 cm)
Steel: 1.4110 stainless steel
Weight: 345 g

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2 reviews for Eickhorn Boar Hunter Beryllium Olive Knife

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I purchased the “Eickhorn Boar Hunter” I will start of with WOW this knife is perfect for what it’s made for Boar Hunting! Full tang, beautiful knife. Extremely sharp. The sheath is of the highest quality leather. Quality control is something Eickhorn has down pat… Remember German Knife Shop is in Germany and it has to be shipped from there so it will need to go past customs but I only waited a little under 2 weeks get my knife I live in Texas. German Knife Shop you guys are great!!! I’m super excited that y’all offer quality steel at an amazing price great job guys!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Bought this knife recently (March,2022) from GKS and it shipped fairly quick & without issue; but mine you I paid for the extra Express Ship…but worth it. Packaging was nice and the knife wrapped. The overall quality & feel of the knife is Outstanding. Beautiful to be honest but with a sense of being straight for business too. The overall length of the blade is big. 10″ is fairly large for a knife of this style (with due respects to a bowie or other large blade knives). That being said, the feel, balance, and craftsmanship that has gone into this totally covers over all doubt one would think to have with this knife. The blade is solid solid strong and the hollow ground blade edge is what one would expect. Real sharp edge on it and the hand ground process is done very experienced hands. I have Zero doubt this thing is capable of doing exactly what one would need it to do. The handle is also very nice with a small lining thumb/finger grip and the handle done up in that usual slotted grip that you would also find in KABARs. This is just the German version in respect. Glass Smasher or even utility hammer at the butt-end of the handle. Color is very aesthetically pleasing and very good hue blends for earth based camouflage.

    Overall, this is a Boar Hunting/Any Animals Known to Man killing type knife. I sh*t you not, you could literally take on anything and feel well prepared with this knife at hand.
    A+++! GERMAN Quality
    A+++! Blade sharpness
    A+++! Handle w/Glass Smasher
    A+++! Shipping & Service

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