Eickhorn Boar Hunter Beryllium Olive Knife

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Eickhorn Boar Hunter Beryllium Olive Knife

The Eickhorn Boar-Hunter meets the requirements of the modern hunter as to a functional interceptor. This may be necessary if the animal has been injured, for example, by a bad shot. The hunter can then release the animal from his suffering quickly and safely for himself and his environment without applying the firearm.

The Boar Hunter has a 259 mm long, hollow ground dagger blade and an ergonomic, glass fiber reinforced plastic handle. This knife can stand a lot and it is disinfectable. The knife comes with a leather sheath which has a storing option for the Para-II or Para-II GS.
Blade: 10,62″ (27 cm) blade of 1.4110 stainless steel


Weight 1.1 kg


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