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Puma White Hunter Leather Knife Sheath

Here we offer an original and brand new “PUMA” leather sheath for sale, which will fit for the Puma knife model “WHITE HUNTER” Puma No.: 6375
Original handmade in Germany by PUMA.
Sheath  length  overall 11.024 inch  (approx. 28 cm).
This awesome Puma Germany belt sheath  is made from brown saddle leather, which provides a highest stretcher comfort.

History made in Germany

The White Hunter has a long history and we want to share some background information with other knife enthusiasts.
In 1956 former PUMA Chef Oswald von Frankenberg und Ludwigsdorf encouraged the idea of an outdoor and camping knife for the US market. Its task should be to break branches and fix tent pegs. No one thought about hunting as they developed the knife.

But the White Hunter established as a top seller in just a few years. PUMA sold 20,000 – 30,000 annually in the United States. It wasn’t until many years later the White Hunter became one of the most famous hunting knives in Europe and Germany. It even appears in cinemas 1962 ( “Winnetou – Treasure of Silver Lake”).

The first PUMA White Hunter, released in 1956 in the United States, had the number 6377. Later it was published with the 6377 and a few years later with the 6384 “utility knife” in Europe.
At this time the blades were made of “PUMASTER STEEL” (it wasn’t stainless at all).
In 1980 PUMA released a White Hunter model with number 6375. The blade is forged of stainless steel 4110 (440A) and 57-58 HRC.
For a short period of time the knife was published with number 6399 in the early 70s. In the early 90s a Puma White Hunter II showed up with number 6374, with a shorter blade and the handle was fixed by only two instead of three rivets.

The White Hunter was the base for the later published PUMA Automesser. In 2010 the company released the White Hunter 240 due to the 240 years anniversary.

The Puma White Hunter established to be a bestseller in the United States. And still, 60 years ago, the White Hunter is one of the most popular hunting knives worldwide.

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